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How to Know the Future. Expert guidance on how to make yourself predictions for economy, technology, civilization.
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The problem:
Most forecasts are not sufficiently reliable? Which predictions und forecats are reliable? How can I know the future with similar reliability or better?

The Solution:
Das E-Buch: "How to Know the Future.".

Translation coming soon. This is currently being created. Please come back in a few days.

5 pages A brief excerpt and summary of this e-book:

 img LINK soon:  More about this in the e-book "How to Know the Future."
Expert guidance on how to make predictions yourself and better for business, technology, civilization.
LINK soon:

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FAX7_FUTURE - buy the future: 100 ++ projects.
image: eiffel lightning FAX7_FUTURE is a project market for brilliant ideas. For innovations with significant future potential. From start-ups to large enterprises, for all are appropriate realistic prepared projects in the portfolio. How can you acquire promising projects?
►

... observe the success rule of innovative enterprises - which is:

There is historical evidence: Who first brings a new efficient technology or idea to the market, or modernizes an old offer on the market, and does everything properly, he will in the future have in that market the sole dominance or at least some dominant position.

Examples: Microsoft, Apple, Linux (server dominance), Daimler-Benz, Google, Lego, spreading dowels (Fischer), database Sytem MySQL, HTML (CERN), Miele, Dyson, Netscape / Firefox.

(Photo: Lightning striking the Eiffel Tower on June 3, 1902, 9.20pm (Paris, FRANCE) - by M.G.Loppé - source

Future Technologies
"FUTOPZ": "Future Technology or Utopias?"
Somewhere between feasible or utopia.

Below: State 2014-04, published since 2017-01.
In the meantime the list has trebled. It is available for investment partners.

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(FUTOPZ) Future Transport Technologies
PNEUTIX Pneumatic tubes for persons, cars, food shopping, parcels, waste.
CONTINTEX Autom.container ships, closed/"unsinkable". Fuel cell,wind,waves,solar.
AERCONC Future aircraft concepts: Energy, noise, geometry, speed, transport etc..
SOSJET Find airjets in the ocean? Liability-related pseudo-problem. 5 solutions.
RADELEX Wireless electicity +data transmission: Power beaming? Virtual tubes?

(FUTOPZ) Future Energy Technologies
MAMONAT In 5 years energy self-sufficient world? (renewable) - Fictitious model.
ENDECEN Decentralized energy? Future! Produce it where used. Technologies list.
UTOPENG Energy: Utopias? Realistic? Hurric.,osmosis,capillarasc.etc.. List: Many!
ROBIBAT Selfloading batteries: 8 variants. (Smartphones, cameras, laptops etc.)
AUBATEX e-car battery problem: Alternate solutions; car price below traditional cars.
ELASTUD Home electricity: Internet + various concepts. 30% less within 12 months.
LUMAPUB Public illumination: Technology concepts. 50% savings within 24 months.

(FUTOPZ) Future Constructing
DOMFACT Constructing with huge 3D printers? (Homes, garages, small buildings...)
HELICONST Prefab containers, helicopter-placed to form building (1973, Cologne).
MONBRIK Ideal wall material: Modular, insulation, finish, inorganic, not sandwich.

(FUTOPZ) Future Health Technologies
MIRAFAC Health tele consult bot, automatied, saves one third of health spending.
ORGAMAGIC Human organs factory plus spare parts service for human bodies.
VIT115PLUS Older than 115 years (biolog. limit)? Overview / very different concepts.
AUDEBOT translation into sign language, automated, real-time, multi-lingual.
SILOPAX Noise killer concepts: Office, trains, coffee shop, airport, highway, ...

(FUTOPZ) Future New Legal Concepts
LEGABOT Future laws liability, criminal off.: Think machines, bots, etc.
LEGIMPOS Contract valid if impossible? Superstition, utopias, etc.. Fascinating!

(FUTOPZ) Future Employees' Organization
ROJOBEX Most office jobs will disappear (next 15++ years). How to manage?
PRIVAMOX Future logical privacy limits listed. Solutions: Business reality, laws, etc..
WORK24X7 Weekend ends: How by worldwide co-op a service 24/24hours, 7/7days.

(FUTOPZ) Finance the Future:
CIVIPUB Virtual currency base: Creativity. Pays authors, inventors, scientists.
CREAREG Creator rights: 30++ options: Copyright, license, patent,tm, etc.
INNOZERO Legal zero taxes for innovation? Major strategies, options (espec.EU).
PENVEC Venture Cap.: How2avoid crim.offense risks. Strategies: 20++ major risks.
PENSUBS Subsidy experts: How2avoid Strateg.: 20++ major risks.
INNAVICT Nation victorious if money for innovators. Shown for 4000 years.
INNOFACTOR Correlation: Salaries for innovators versus managers in a country.
ANN2525 black year for mankind? All inventions done? Registry: Absolute inv. limits.

(PRINVEZ) Projects for technology investors - Please come and earn!
Ready to start for your participation, co-financing or co-operation.
Mostly already active in a first version or in the testing stage. If interested: ok@fí (English, German, French). - Short information provided free of charge. Details only to current investors or to subscribers (960 € annual fee, see the page bottom). info (1A4): 80 FM.

All projects:
At present Berlin,Germany. May move to location wanted by investor (EU,US,others).
Total flexibility for all investors' intentions. Taxation aspects optimized.

Financial businesses (EC)
FIN7 FUTURE TECH market place: find investors, espec. peer to peer
FUNDAFINA reverse mortgage insurance concepts peer to peer.
SUBSITECH subsidies for true technology entrepreneurs.
COMPENIX damage compensation syndication (fraud, scam).
FINOPTEX earnings from managing crowdfunding for a better world.
TEMCUR Virtual currency definition tools for contract clauses..

Publishing ('PP)
PPB Power Publishing Butler: Replaces printed press / alternate concept.
MAM7 PLUS virtual payment barter system for authors, creators.
ULTIMATE EBOOK: Generator for e-books in HTML5.
VALVY : Free web TV / high value information quality.

Knowledge, Education ('KK) - (non-profit first, later profitable)
SPHINX SECOND BRAIN classification for a cooper. web-based knowledge archive.
SYNTELSYS - meta-knowledge archive based on SPHINX SECOND BRAIN.
CIVIBAS archetypes of human civilization - the basic structure of human mind.
PSEUCALC co-op-platform: Scientific truth versus marketing & politics.
QUALSEL web search system for quality, not quantity.
PILLDOUNG - knowledge sites for the specific German concept of deep thinking.
STUDSEL selection system for students based on abilities of deep thinking.

Net services based on intelligence computing ('PPK)
FRANCKEINSTEIN personalized knowledge supply services.
PHANTASYS simulates brain idea processing.
VIRTAVIV virtual life after biological death: Web services.
METADATEX - idea & contact managers with lifetime guaranty.

Legal services ('UB)
FAX7 ORGATEXT web retrieval system - free busin.knowledge
JUS7 LEGATEXT web retrieval system - free legal knowledge.
MILCOP Class action: How to obtain it where it is not implemented by law.
MAFDAM Money back from Investment-tortfeasors: Pest control by legal battles.
Reverse mortgage: Bot consult service online.

Foreign languages ('JJ)
PLURANTO anticipation of the emerging world civilization language.
NEUSCRIP Neural-related auxil.script. Speech speed. Creates Latin,Chin., Cyrill.etc..
LINGUMAX personalized language tutor: 300 hours per language.
TANSRANTO makes machine language translation comprehensible.
TRANSYTOP automatic improvement algorithms for translation.

Market places ('SP)
TERRA UNIKA CO-OP: Instant market place generator (service).
CYPONET: The used software system.

OMNI-OS and COPVOS: The Internet as operating system.
PLURASOFT merges all progr.language; in all spoken langs.
NUXPC modular ecological lifetime power PC. 40% less energy. 80% less waste.

Health ('YA)
MED7 MEDORAMA Internet tele-service for health.
NATINS HEALTH INSURANCE - 50 % less to pay by MED7 users.
BIODOPT Bio Intelligence doping - the natural way.

Economics ('VAE) - (non-profit first, later profitable)
SOMARET "Social market economy" - how-to - the German success system.
VOX LIBRA CONCEPT rational optimization of governments; election tool.
PROSPHINX Forecasting / economic crisis (cycles, national / international).
STATVER - statistics recalculation / eliminates falsification.
LIFE TIME = WORK TIME: the end of retirement.

(3) Future Corporate Health Management:
- "Future meets reality."
       Less illnesses = less losses + more productivity.
Each subscription of 1 topic: USD 1200 / € 960. First supplies a 2 page study: A structured list for decision makers. Optional services: See the end of this document.
Some examples from a total of 2 000++. More? T: +49 -30- 3454 0962, ok @

DIAB2RISK Diabetes-2 prevention: How-to: Measures for ~58% less cases in staff.
HYPELIM High blood pressure: Eliminate ~60++ % of treatment cases in the staff.
COLDEFIN Coloscopy: Definitive truth list. ~70% less related cost for employers?
TUMPREV Cancer prevention: Measure list for 50...80 % less cases in the staff.
DEMPREV Dementia prevention: Work organization + measures.(30...80% less?)

NATALIMY Canteens: Improv.list for natural food state - reduces staff health cost.
ADDIPOZ Weight loss: Method comparison for motivating staff members.
CHEMPRINS printer risks for staff health. Laser, ink, solid ink. Resume / studies.

VITAVALU Money value of 1 human life. Resumes 15++ calculation concepts.
ZERAPS Zero absence rate for pseudo-illness: Resumes main motivation concepts.
MOFFENC List: Health care crim. offense types. Stops employees' overmedication.
SANTABON Bonus concepts / how-to (profitable) for employees with healthy lifestyle.
VIT100PLUS Reach 100++ years? Rule list +humor; for distrib. to staff. (Scientific.)

(4) Future Organization of Organizations - "Future meets reality."
Each subscription of 1 topic: USD 1200 / € 960. First supplies a 2 page study: A structured list for decision makers. Optional services: See the end of this document.
Some examples from a total of 2 000++. More? T: +49 -30- 3454 0962, ok @

SPHINXCOP classification system + organization for multi-user knowledge archives.
SECUMIKS Internet & e-mail rules for employees: 50% time saved, ~100% security.
NUXPC Modular lifetime Eco-PC. ~40% saving; ~100% security; own "cloud"-system.
NUXSYS Best choice: LINUX +free software. Smooth transition how-to for managers.
NEXTITUS If the Internet dies? Organize survival prepar. for global net breakdown.
 img LINK soon:  More about this in the e-book "How to Know the Future."
Expert guidance on how to make predictions yourself and better for business, technology, civilization.
LINK soon:

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deep thinking + intelligence
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health and wellness
always healthy and top fit

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