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30% longer life will cost you 1%

The best deal of your life:
(1) You donate to yourself a 30 % longer lifespan.
(2) It costs you less than 1 % of your income.
(3) Deeper knowledge generates huge profits.

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"Becoming old - how-to for beginners."
It has to be considered as scientifically proven on a convincing level: The average remaining lifespan is so much below the biological possibilities.

Calculation example:
Age 40. Death according to actuarial mathematics usually around 80. In case of reasonable optimization in health matters the death age would be about 92.

How reliable? "Is this also true for me?"
The above information was simplified. More precisely:

"A longer life? How does it work?"

img Tortoise aha7.com_ppp-en _wymf-nutra-en.htm 1. Healthy lifestyle.

image: shooting image: shooting 2. Optimize your weight?

image: 2x_Thunderbird 3. AHA7 Bio Brain Doping

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For fairly healthy people, it's easy:
It is enough to learn about the state of science on all important questions.
On request, extended solutions: Then you can further optimize your health care by question and answer.

► read more: ► uno7.org/yaa-amenu-en.htm
If there is already some medical treatment:
Extended services are available. It comes into consideration that health insurance companies will cover the costs.

► read more: ► uno7.org/yaa-amenu-en.htm
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"Do I get sinner's leave?"

Who would dare to doubt? Of course, you have guaranteed remission of all sins in the 12 months after paying for something here. Luther has died long ago. Long live indulgence remission of sins, tax assessments and other torture violations of the Convention on Human Rights.
It should be noted, however, that the guarantee of this guarantee can not be guaranteed.

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Yes, you can suggest extensions or additional topics.
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Knowedge is good. Deep thinking is better. POLLIMATT.
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Which statistics are wrong?
Which economic policy is wrong?

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