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30% longer life will cost you 1%

img Tortoise aha7.com_ppp-en _wymf-nutra-en.htm The best deal of your life... We donate to you 30 % more future lifespan. You donate 1 % of your income for deeper knowledge.

"Becoming old - how-to for beginners."
It has to be considered as scientifically proven on a convincing level: The average remaining lifespan is so much below the biological possibilities.

Calculation example:
Age 40. Death according to actuarial mathematics usually around 80. In case of reasonable optimization in health matters the death age would be about 92.

How reliable? "Is this also true for me?"
The above information was simplified. More precisely:

"A longer life? How does it work?"

img Tortoise aha7.com_ppp-en _wymf-nutra-en.htm 1. Healthy lifestyle.

image: shooting image: shooting 2. Optimize your weight?

image: 2x_Thunderbird 3. AHA7 Bio Brain Doping

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There are offers: For health insurance companies
(health services to be reimbursed).

For fairly healthy people, it's easier:
Get the state of science on all important issues explained. Then you can reach the optimization in question and answer.

What is 1 % of your income?

Information for "30 percent longer life span" is only available for paying subscribers. Monthly 6 € is 1 % of the subsistence minimum. Anyone can afford.
Mean family income in modern countries: US$ 70,000, € 60,000 per year. 1% of which is US$ 700, € 600. That is enough to sponsor a few favorite themes, US$ 120 / € 96 each. See below für details.

"Can I suggest topics?"

The choice of new topics takes requests from paying subscribers into account.

For all topics
you can suggest extensions or additional topics.

First and foremost for financial and property issues
this should be useful. (Then with the extended subscription "ABO-MAX" which includes aids for money matters.)

For health topics,
you as a subscriber can even submit your very specific questions for "a longer lifespan in a good health state". Answers according to the state of science are then inserted into the texts on the Internet (as far as considered possible and useful).

Your sponsoring of a topic
You can subsidize the creation of new information related to a topic of your choice. Average volume: About 2 A4-pages.
INFO-MAX: Your sponsoring of a topic: (US$120, €96)

New... Teething problems?
As long as the number of first subscribers is small, some improvisation is inevitable. We start and jump into the water: The charm of innovation. Perfection and routine is for later.
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How to subscribe POLLIMATT?
It is free.

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Send an e-mail.
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PMD-Y (Longer life: lifestyle, health.)

Too lazy to choose? Then enter: PMD-K

What is the difference?
Each output provides everything.
The code only changes order, imaging etc.
You can change at any time later.

What do you get?
In the middle of the month e-mail comes a single link. It leads to the POLLIMAT monthly edition on the Internet. This disappears after 2 months forever.
Content: "Free monthly magazine" for basic important knowledge about business, job, money, politics, education, "deep thinking".
(Later weekly If there is sufficient interest.)

Would you prefer a donator subscription?
POLLIMATT is free: Financed by advertising. If you would like to donate money for more content (and delivery 1 week earlier):
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