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Consultant service

Consultant service: For which topics is this offered?

(1) Subjects with need for complex abstract analysis.
(2) Topics with information sources that are difficult to access.
(3) Pluridisciplinary topics (because usual employee selection prevents pluridisciplinary applicants).
(4) External analysis can help to reduce internal opposition against necessary changes.

All topics have in common: The need for a competence that is lacking in normal staff structures.

Consultant service: For whom is this useful?

(1) Businesses, corporate users.
(2) Public administration.
(3) Political decisions, regulation concepts.
(4) Important legal disputes: Options and facts.

And individuals?

(1) For financial decisions: real estate, financing, insurance.
(2) Family assets: inheritance, gift, matrimonial property agreement, divorce.
(3) Legal problems.

Pricing: EUR 80 ... 960 (Europe), others US$ 100 ... 1200.
Usually 1 ... 12 hours. Depending on the offered or requested consulting scope.

The author of a published text usually does for you this supplementary service. The current availability must be clarified in advance.
The remuneration is usually donated for some educational project of the specific field of interest.

Contact and orders:    ok @ uno7.org
Free more detailed information. Please note as subject:
Consultant service: .... ...
Perhaps also some information about you (not an obligation): Website? Address? Landline phone?
Please mention the inquired information in your email. In short, very briefly, quickly, easily.
Reserve addresses: (helpful if network problems)
ok  @  infos7.org --- ok  @  uno7.com
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