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"POLLIMATT": "universal pluridisciplinary knowledge".

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymath :
"A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

Why only selected authors?

"Anyone can be an author" succeeds only for factual knowledge. This is because correctness can be controlled relatively easily.

The abstract knowledge for understanding and comprehension is the layer above the facts. It is the layer of abstract relationships. For this appropriately qualified authors are necessary.

Is versatile knowledge useful? Only facts are relevant?

Error ... facts are pretty clear and apply to all ... But the non-factual is what ultimately makes the difference in everyday life, both professionally and privately.

Politics, family, friendship, relationships, religion, emotions, health, legal disputes, job success, workplace wellbeing, leisure, lthe fairy tales of marketing, the comparison of goods and services.
Economic and legal information for individuals, for businesses and public administration.

What will you get?
  • a) Links to single pages on various websites (free information).
  • b) Useful additional information is added permanently.
  • c) Reader suggestions are considered as far as possible.
Why is the "POLLIMATT" approach important? Quality instead of quantity.
In the Internet, mainly quantity is circulating. The proportion of quality information is too low.

Languages and Regions.

First German, English, some French. The software infrastructure is also already prepared for a possible extension, as soon as financially covered, for Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Brazilian.
(Africa and India are largely lacking because of the linguistic diversity.)

Personalized info

As soon as sufficient subscribers are there for it, a transition to personalized information will take place.
Then each reader can define the own priorities. This is taken into account in the main publication and in all services. Software controls this.

"Can I suggest topics?"

The choice of new topics takes requests from paying subscribers into account.

For all topics
you can suggest extensions or additional topics.

First and foremost for financial and property issues
this should be useful. (Then with the extended subscription "ABO-MAX" which includes aids for money matters.)

For health topics,
you as a subscriber can even submit your very specific questions for "a longer lifespan in a good health state". Answers according to the state of science are then inserted into the texts on the Internet (as far as considered possible and useful).

Your sponsoring of a topic
You can subsidize the creation of new information related to a topic of your choice. Average volume: About 2 A4-pages.
INFO-MAX: Your sponsoring of a topic: (US$120, €96)

New... Teething problems?
As long as the number of first subscribers is small, some improvisation is inevitable. We start and jump into the water: The charm of innovation. Perfection and routine is for later.
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How to subscribe POLLIMATT?
It is free.

ok @ infos7.org
Send an e-mail.
Enter a single of the following codes
(focus of your interest):

PMD-E (investment, assets, finance.)
PMD-K (knowledge, education, thinking.)
PMD-T (technology, innovation, future, environn..)
PMD-S (operation, start-up, market, success.)
PMD-U (right crawl through u.a.m ..)
PMD-V (politics, civil rights, lies and truth, ...)
PMD-Y (Longer life: lifestyle, health.)

Too lazy to choose? Then enter: PMD-K

What is the difference?
Each output provides everything.
The code only changes order, imaging etc.
You can change at any time later.

What do you get?
In the middle of the month e-mail comes a single link. It leads to the POLLIMAT monthly edition on the Internet. This disappears after 2 months forever.
Content: "Free monthly magazine" for basic important knowledge about business, job, money, politics, education, "deep thinking".
(Later weekly If there is sufficient interest.)

Would you prefer a donator subscription?
POLLIMATT is free: Financed by advertising. If you would like to donate money for more content (and delivery 1 week earlier):
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Subscription / individuals 6€/mon.
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like above plus money investment infos:
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subscription / professional.20€/m
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Your own Web-Monthly:
(created by an author bot) - Thematic areas and priorities defined by you.
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Europe: To opt 6 / 12 months (€ 480 / 960) .

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