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About uno7.org

UNO7 POLLIMATT is an auxiliary redirection site: It sends individuals to various cooperation and media sites. This is like a search engine. With the difference that it is only a top level meta redirection for some specific topics.

On the silte UNO7 there is no transaction. It is just a redirection toolbox on the Web.
There is nothing offered for money by UNO7 itself and nothing to pay for to UNO7. You will only have an agreement with those being the redirection targets.
(A redirection page can be rented for US$ 1200 / € 960 per year. This payment will typically become an crowdfunding share in your favor in any of the investment start-up opportunities in the context of UNO7 POLLIMATT partners.)

UNO7 is not a content media site. The fee-based subscription sites are several autonomous international content sites, already working, multi-language, internatinal English (or US-English) as the main language, and the ~8 other major world languages.
Subscription fees will only be paid to one of these other sites and their bank accounts. With one monthly MASTER fee UNO7 POLLIMATT to any of these sites you will automatically get the MASTER access to all other these correlated sites.
(Fee monthly US$ 10 / € 8.)

UNO7.ORG is registered in the US (including as an abuse protection also the domain uno7.com). Both domains registrations are administered in the US.

Content of uno7.org is restricted to rediction information: Short minimal information to enable visitors to decide to leave for some other site or to contact somebody. The rule is that no text should be controversial. The exception is where Internet users have to be protected from scam, legal abuse, politically motivated truth falsification.

The site UNO7.ORG is submitted to the legal frame work of the USA. These rules requires to communicate the privacy rules - as follows:
UNO7.ORG adheres to strict privay rules. All your communication with uno7.org will strictly be excluded from being published. Your mail address will not be made available for marketing by others. All konwledge media sites taking part in the UNO7 POLLIMATT concept are obliged to respect similar rules.
Other countries require no privacy statements but other details to communicate, differing much among the countries. Here the US rules with the priority of privacy have been considered as a good choice, and UNO7.ORG complies with them.

In addition, some countries exercise governmental censorship for subjects of national governmental interest. As UNO7 POLLIMATT is an international concept for communication with individuals, no matter where they live, UNO7.ORG is therefore kept free from any content which might be controversial in any country of the world. We are conscious that this is not satisfactory. But UNO7.ORG should be kept free from any risk to be censored.

CONTACT: ok @ uno7.org
Please into the filed SUBJECT:
             UNO/.ORG / ABOUT

If any rule valid in any country of the world appears to be violated, please send a message. We want uno7.org to be compliant worldwide and therefore nowhere excluded from distribution.
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The Best or Nothing.


"How to Know the Future."
Info:  (Info 5p.+ebook) Expert guidance on how to make predictions yourself and better for business, technology, civilization.

Investment projects / future technologies.
Info:  For direct participation / private investors. 10 000 USD/EUR++. Directly, not crowd constructs.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ecbb-menu-en.htm

'Social Market Economy'
Info:  Germany's economic success policy: Combination capitalism, moral standards, human rights.

crowdfunding, crowdinvesting:
Info:  Best investment return for your money. Back to the ingenious concept of credit unions.

PHANTASYS - brain simulation:
(Invest:)  A complex knowledge concept. It simulates brain-type idea processing.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-kka-phan-en.htm

Your website - a cash cow: FAIRCENTS
(Service!)  Finally promotional Dollars / Euros + love for publishers. Blogs. Press. Specialized information. (Ads visible despite Adblock!)
aha7.com/ppp-en /ptp-adplacem-en.htm

Start-up - lease yours now!
Info:  Startup-Franchise for you. Age does not matter. Examples: Knowledge- /info- /media-stes, e-commerrce, financial sites.

(Invest:)  A system for electronic books using Web browsers. Your e-book can still be read in 1000 years.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ppa-ebkgen-en.htm

CIVIBAS : Archetypes: Primal matter of civilization.
Info:  Donations searched for encyclopedia / research / knowledge dissemination. The "eternally-human" unites peoples and cultures.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-kba-ency-en.htm

"The secrets of Centenarians."
Info:  (Info 5p.+ebook) How to live longer - a tutorial for beginners. umgesetzt in eine Anleitung zum selber Anwenden.
The Best or Nothing.


best deal of your life:
Info:  We donate to you up to 30 % more future lifespan. You donate 1 % of your income for deeper knowledge.

Class action - now also in the EU.
(Invest:)  How to make a bundle of compensation claims for the court. Various possibilities for citizens and lawyers.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ube-class-em.htm

Your new website:
(Service!)  How to find the best hosting company. Criteria: Pricing, user interface, staff qualification, server performance.
aha7.com/ppp-en /cft-hostopt-en.htm

PROSPHINX - major crisis starting in 20xx?
(Invest:)  How to forecast world economic crises. Theory. Application. For your investment decisions.

Your site! Petitions, crowdfunding,
(Service!)  supporter campaigns etc.. Set up service 2400 USD. (Temporary offer.)
uno7.org /tce-drustar-en.htm

Your company formation - worldwide.
Info:  Your business abroad - remotely managed from your apartment. Or for companies, branch offices, agencies, address use.

NATROSSA: live 100++ years?
Info:  Becoming old - how-to for beginners. Lifestyle of centenarians - how to follow.

PLURANTO, your user programming language.
(Invest:)  Simple to learn and to use. Multi-language. Stop working for your PC. Make your PC work for you.
aha7.com/ppp-en /ebb-ceb-plur-en.htm

AHA7 Bio Brain Doping
Info:  Natural intelligence doping. Science-based. How to enhance your cognitive performance.

(Invest:)  Light speed language learning - also for you. (And light speed return on investment for crowdfunders.)


FAIRWORDS: If you have a business:
To see your ads published here: contact ok@infos7.com
Placement bidding. Average 2 cent per visitor ~=20c per click.
Information / FAIRWORDS: aha7.com/ppp-en/ptp-adplacem-en.htm
FAIRCENTS: If you are an Internet publisher:
Earn that money! Contact ok@infos7.com . So far for sites in languages EN DE FR. Soon also ES RU PT IT.
Information / FAIRCENTS: aha7.com/ppp-en/ptp-adplacem-en.htm

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deep thinking + intelligence
» POLLIMATT - knowledge factory     EN   DE   FR

E-books / fundamental topics:
All main themes of "deep thinking".

Premium editions of the e-books:
» POLLIMATT - knowledge factory     EN   DE

Short list: See column 3 = to the right):
_EN_ List: All ebooks / Englisch language.

10-page excerpts / these e-books:

» Handbook Optimized Government     EN   DE
» Teach Yourself Economics     EN   DE
» How to Know the Future     EN   DE
» Archetypes of Civilization     EN   DE
» NATUROSSA 100 years     EN   DE
» SPHINX Classification System     EN   DE

useful knowledge
_EN_ Info sources for legal subjects    prof7.com
_DE_ Infoquellen / rechtliche Themen:    aha7.com
_FR_ Sources d'inform. / questions jurid.    aaazzz.com

family assets, money investment, real estate
your money http://aha7.com/invem-en.htm
Innovation: Idea Service:
» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects     EN   DE   FR
financing the future - think tnereffid
» FIN7 financing innovation     EN   DE   FR
» Lease Your Start-up!     EN   DE   FR

health and wellness
always healthy and top fit

» NATROSSA Tele-Service health     EN   DE   FR
» Loose weight: Truth +Science     EN   DE   FR
» Optimise your intelligence     EN   DE   FR
10-page excerpt from e-book:
» NATUROSSA 100 years     EN   DE

How to get your desired topic? (US$120, €96)
» Sponsoring of a topic 10 / 20 / 50 / 120 USD     EN   DE   FR
» POLLIMATT useful content     EN   DE   FR

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