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Might Adwords finance your business? image: money international
This analysis will clarify for you if Adwords marketing (via Google ads) would be sufficient to find enough customers for your business. You can instantly...
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How can you proceed?

image: money international  Google ADWORDS is science, not marketing hype.

There are in fact some clear basic parameters to evaluate this question. But only the very rare top experts for Google Adwords will be able to supply a relatively reliable analysis.

Adwords if properly done, it is science. Adwords, if badly done, is burning most of your marketing budget. The problem is, those offering Adwords placement services, most did never benefit from studying on science level.

The analysis service is offered here for all industrialized modern countries. Their inland languages and trends and habits are not important for the suggested initial small analysis.

If the analysis supplies a promising result:

Later permanent ADWORDS services for customers are only offered from here for Germany and for France. Only for these two countries the required knowledge for optimization is here available: Knowledge about habits, trends, products and markets, linguistics. ADWORDS without such optimization is less efficient.

Service: (As far as time capacity is still available.)

(1 Free first contact to clarify if the service offer might be useful for your case.

(2) Available now: Individual analysis for your business (US$ 120 / € 96).

(3) Provided the result is positive: Service for implementation and optimization = 960 €. (At present only for France and Germany.)

(4) The implementation service will be accompanied by guiding information for your own permanent administration. Alternatively, you can book external administration of the ADWORDS account. It costs 30% of the payments to Google.

Ask for information: cooperation options, opportunities, participation:
e-mail to ok @ uno7.com
subject: PTW-ADWRD-EN
Please specify your type of interest; and your site, if any.

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