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Your start-up (for age 18...90): Virtual remote control almost free from your home - as long as money for workspace services or an office rent is not yet intended. - And how to do this?...

This is a main topic in the POLLIMATT knowledge service.

Versatile information is already available on related websites. POLLIMATT will often provide the appropriate links and explain the application.

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By a subscription POLLIMAT
(1) As a subscriber, you can propose some additional information on the web for a topic (for free).
(2) Or sponsor a new text page on the Internet on a topic with US$120 / €96.

Available Services:
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INFO-MAX: Extended Information + answers:
US$ 120, EUR 96. Etwa 2 Seiten; sowie Aktualisierungsdienst.
In addition: After reception you can send questions of your specific interest. Then typically ~2 pages will be added: In an effort to supply some helpful contribution related to your questions.

SERVICE-EXPERT: Short expertises:
US$ 240, EUR 200. Expertise service: Details and order:

SERVICE-CONSULT: Then on request consultant service:
US$ 100...1200, EUR 80...960. Consultant service: Details and order:

Contact and orders:    ok @ uno7.org
Immediately ask for free more detailed information.
Please note as subject:
Perhaps also some information about you (not an obligation): Website? Address? Landline phone?
Please mention the inquired information in your email. In short, very briefly, quickly, easily.
Reserve addresses:
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ok  @  infos7.org
ok  @  uno7.com

Contact for:
(1) investors - (2) donations
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Information / address:

English: nospam @ prof7.com
Deutsch (German): nospam @ aha7.com
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Espagnol (Spanissh) : nospam @ infos7.org
(Russian, Chinese, Brazilian:
Please use the English language.)

Your message should normally include:
Full(!) name, street address,
telephone (landline, not mobile phone).

(1) Investment: Appreciated contacts:
► institutional investors; (10 000++)
► professional technology investors;
► individuals (intenions to clarify). (1000++)

(2) Donations, sponsoring, subsidies:
The future donator should please clarify that the intentions are serious.

your company formation - worldwide image: contact data:: go to und7,.org
Your start-up abroad - remotely managed from your apartment.
(For age 18...90.) - As soon as it begins to make profits, you emigrate to a lower-taxation country of your choice. It's so easy, namely...
Ask for information: cooperation options, opportunities, participation:
e-mail to ok @ infos7.org
Please specify your type of interest; and your site, if any.

Into a low-taxation country?

For example, in the USA: The tax burden is only half of that of most EU countries. But it is even lower in a few other EU countries.

Were your subsidy applications for an innovative project rejected in EU member states? Then relocation to tax-savvy foreign countries is your restoration of justice.

Nowhere in the law is that subsidies are granted only if 20% to 80% of the success is paid to "accredited subsidy hunters". Where, however, are there subsidies for innovation without paying to professional subsidy hunters? (Yes, at universities etc., but where else?)

Has some official subsidy organization discriminated your start, too, by rejecting your subsidy request for innovation? Then you may also discriminate this country related to the tax revenues of your later success. However, you must comply with some legal requirements correctly.

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