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Teach Yourself Economics. Economic theory and economic policy - easily comprehensible for citizens, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, students and everybody.
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The problem: Why do 30 economists provide 100 different answers to the same questions? Which answer is true?
The Solution: "Teach Yourself Economics".

10 pages A brief excerpt and summary of this e-book:

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Success, finance, health, how to enforce your rights, better policies, knowledge and science.

Greetings from: Pedro Rosso,author of "Teach Yourself Economics".

teach yourself: Economic theory modernized for today + tomorrow.
image: Müller-Armack It is essential to relearn economic knowledge: For conducting business, by politicians, entrepreneurs, lobbyists, economists, students, teachers, and by all other citizens.
Many branches of the science of economics have failed. Resulting effects:
Financial crises as a permanent state, currency crises, economic crises. mafia-like financial markets, criminalization of many boardrooms, exploitation by low-wage jobs with the beginnings of caste variants. In many countries is mass unemployment, especially for young people.

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Bundesarchiv (Germany / governmental); via Wikimedia Commons) - Professor Müller-Armack, the concept creator of Germanys economic concept and success after WW2 until now. This was based on the work of several other famous German and Austrian economists. SOMAPLUS is the combination of this with the aspects of new technologies and phenoma of the presence and the future. The coordinator of SOMAPLUS is a former student of Professor Müller-Armack.
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3.   Mathematics problem of economic theory

3.1.   The core problem of modern mathematics economists fits into a single sentence:
This damn reality does not please them to adapt to the perfect theory of their beautiful mathematical models.

3.2.   Here is a preview of a few important points:

The pseudo-mathematization of economics has largely failed. The reality of economy is determined in a different manner. There is a logical impossibility to mathematically represent this complexity up to a non-trivial level.

4.   Civilization change by information technologies:

4.1.   The new unique current civilization change

is to integrate into economic theory: Internet, data protection, networking, security risks, vulnerabilites. A redundancy theory has to be added to economic theory: The costs versus benefits of redundant security concepts which can or can not survive risk events.

4.2.   Modern control systems:

The economic effects of mass surveillance and crowd control have to become part of a new coherent theory. Total control - what it will lead to in the long run? Which limits will be required?

4.3.   Administrative dictatorship - EU, China.

There is not just democracy or "communism". Real nations are hybrids of various government types. The European Commission and China function largely as administrative dictatorship. In the EU, this is historically conditioned by the replica of the French governmental system. Economic theory has to do intensive research on the subject of this phenomenon. There are not only either market-liberal or socialist systems. Here is a completely different concept.

5.   Paradox: "IT revolution - but no economic growth?"

Overlay of various factors, all of which are individually to be tested for soundness and which could be translated into a coherent system - perhaps into a "model of economic growth despite non-growth":

Consumption: Statisticians measure the quantities, not the benefit improvement.

Technical Progress: Slowed because (fortunately) no innovation by new technologies for world wars.

Increasing coverage of physical human basic needs. The growing satisfaction of non-physical needs is statistically not sufficiently objectively measurable,

Absorption of growth effects by

6.   Freedom, Liberty

6.1.   Freedom and total tele-control

Here examples are presented to make aware how we are in the midst of a fundamental change towards the abolition of freedom:

How much right to liberty are we all losing when citizens transfer their behavior data to an insurer by smartphone to receive a bonus to their health insurance? And when non-exchangers are excluded from this bonus?
(Failure of the governmental implementation obligation against coercion to fundamental rights violation?)

7.   Other aspects / examples:

Conversion methods are required for many misleading official statistics.

in a world of totalitarian private 'social networks'.

in the copying age.
Criminal law: Theft of virtual assets from the Internet.

Healthcare spending.
Life extension.
World epidemic risks.

Work control:
Undeclared work. Internal family work.
Demographic change. Financing spending for children.

8.   Germany: "Social Market Economy"

8.2.   "Social Market Economy" - the secret behind Germany's economic and technological success
A.Müll-Arm- _____________________

Photo:    It shows in the middle one of the most influental economists. Professor Müller-Armack, University of _Koeln_ (_Cologne_) and Munster (_Münster_). He conceived the system which enabled Germany's rapid economic recovery after WWII.
This success system had been imitated - more or less properly - by France. France exported its basic rules to the European Union.
Chinese economic policy apparently tends to move the country from communist ideology into the direction of some similar concepts. This is the major difference between China and India. China is once again the most efficient legal copyright thief of the best of occidental civilisation.

8.4.   The problem: The manufacturer of one of the most important German export product is nearly unknown to the public. Professor Müller-Armack created in 1943-1946 the concept of the "social market economy".
Photo: In the middle (black glasses).

The concept of "Social market economy" is strictly opposed to left wing ideology. It is the concept of a carefully conceived institutional framework for free market economy. The result should be full employment with satisfactory earnings for everybody.
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