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No like buttons!

Why no "like" buttons for VACEPOOK, DWITTER,and all the others?

(on most media sites here coordinated)

If other media sites commit financial and editorial suicide by sending their visitors to MACEFOOK etc., there is no reason for us to participate in suicide.

If on-line press media sites want to die, they are free to transfer their reader capital assets to RACEHOOK, TWITHER, GOOFY+ etc. for free. The printed press has the right to commit suicide by transferring the owned reader "capital assets" away from their own site and to make this way a free submission gift to some billion dollar tycoons.

If TASTEMOOK or XVIDDER would offer us 1 USD per button click, MACELOOK or DWITHER would get buttons on this web site, too. 1 USD is the average value of a click. It is the average GOOGLE price for good value clicks with ADWORDS.

The day that all media sites would adopt this and would stop to transfer their reader capital assets for free to HATEMOOK, THRILLER, HOOVLE+ etc....

And would prevent their journalists from publishing free advertisement for them (by reporting about them)... Then the social network business for the masses would soon be out of business. People would return to using the TRUE FREE PUBLIC PLURALIST UNIVERSAL Internet instead of living in prisons governed by some billion dollar tycoons.

If all managers of the printed press off-line on-line would get 1 USD per button click, their annual profits would explode. They could stop firing their journalists... And stock exchange shares of certain social sharing networks would fade to penny stock value.

Such offers '1 USD per like click' by social network sites:
Please to: ok @ uno7.org

You are welcome - or at least your money, to share honestly a bit from your easy billion dollar profits... to share your profits with those who are doing the hard job of value content creation on the web... which is the basic origin of your billion dollar profits.
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Our own software works without cookies.

We do quite a lot to ensure that other software does not set cookies either. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely ruled out that third party services will use cookies. We are trying to prevent this.
In general, it should not be possible to write to your computer from outside. The problem with the cookies will probably be solved soon. There are technical alternatives.

The Internet now has much bigger other kinds of privacy problems.
These will not settle. They will grow. Our freedoms are in danger. But over 90 per cent of the citizens probably do not mind being controlled so far. That is sad.

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