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Lease Your Start-up!

Does anyone in the world ever need start-up leasing? Well, we put that question aside because the idea is so beautiful at first sight.

No one's ever taken an interest in it before. Funny. What's wrong with the original pretty idea? We console ourselves with:
"For every complicated problem there is a solution that is simple, direct, understandable and wrong." (H.L. Mencken)

Start-up - lease yours immediately - for age 18 to 90

image: michelangeno Start-up Franchise: For all dynamic people. Age does not matter. - You can simply ask if the coordinators' working time is currently available for this.

(1) Make Immediately money with your e-commerce.

(2) Or "FINTECH": Innovative services for the future of banking, money investment, financing, insurance.
Various FINTECH startups can handed over to founders.
In addition: Here tie bearing bank & investment managers in their black costumes can book training seminars from the colorful costumed technology thought leaders in Berlin for professional development of corporate finance heads :-).

(3) Or rent a start-up for media distribution.
Media: Due to the favorable environment preferably Berlin (but not required).

How can you get started immediately?...
Ask for information: cooperation options, opportunities, participation:
e-mail to ok @ infos7.org
subject: EBB-ECT-STARr-EN
Please specify your type of interest; and your site, if any.
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Contact for:
(1) investors - (2) donations
   (Code:) EBB-ECT-STARR-INV   

Address of the current page:

English: nospam @ prof7.com
Deutsch (German): nospam @ aha7.com
Französisch (French) : nospam @ aaazzz.com
Espagnol (Spanissh) : nospam @ infos7.org
(Russian, Chinese, Brazilian:
Please use the English language.)

Your message should normally include:
Full(!) name, street address,
telephone (landline, not mobile phone).

(1) Investment: Appreciated contacts:
► institutional investors; (10 000++)
► professional technology investors;
► individuals (intenions to clarify). (1000++)

(2) Donations, sponsoring, subsidies:
Amounts from 500 US$ / EUR: In this case the intended purpose should be agreed in advance.
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 img  Battle undecided: Who owns the truth?

to join in

 img  Become POLLIMATT too - become wise.
Write about your favourite topic somewhere on the web. Thanks to the (MC) codes, everyone will find your text. Explanation:
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   Think !tnereffid

_EN_    _DE_    _FR_    _ES_
100++ profitable projects for your money:
   _EN_    _DE_    _FR_    _ES_

 img  VOLXWEB.org
   volxweb.org Knowledge? - Wisdom!
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 img  united for democracy
UND7.ORG    united for democracy
Join in right away- Petitions!
(still baby state)
  Votre adresse mail suffit.

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Join in right away! Crowdfunding!
(still baby state)

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 img  Jack of all trades device
helpful information sources

  ►  PROF7.com = finance, law, founders, career

 img  6 E-books:
6 E-books:
fundamental main topic areas of "deep thinking":
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 img  Don't be jealous. From 150 life becomes boring.
health and wellness
►  "The secrets of Centenarians."

At present only in German language, soon also in English.

Spread images on the Internet:
Please spread the word... these web addresses (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, forums, etc.).

FAX7_FUTURE - buy the future: 100 ++ projects.
... a project market for brilliant ideas.
► read more: ► uno7.org/pen/eck-amenu-en.htm

"FIN7_CROWD - crowdinvesting - best investment return for your money image: 2x_Thunderbird
"FINTECH": Crowdfunding for investment and project financing - back to the ingenious basic concept of credit unions.
Now they are so much occupied to administer their mountains of money that the original ingenious ideas have faded away. Most banks are filtering non-standard financial requests away from access to financial resources. Innovation and the unusual is suspicious, is not trustworthy. Applications thrown into the dustbin. "We are unable to do this, we do not understand it, it exceeds our intelligence, we will not do it."
Back to the roots. Crowdfunding, "crowdinvesting", "crowdfinancing" - finally innovation-friendly and technology-open financing for the world of tomorrow. - But it only succeeds in compliance with certain rules; namely...
► read more: ► uno7.org/pen/ebw-crowdfun-en.htm

"FIN7_CROWD - mutual crowd financing" for your start-up image: 2x_Thunderbird
"FINTECH": Back to the ingenious idea what institutional credit unions and institutional thrifts und building societies originally had been.
Now they are so much occupied to administer their mountains of money that the ingenious ideas have faded away. Most banks are filterung us innovators away from access to financial resources. Lepers. Suspicious. Applications into the dustbin. "We are unable to do this, we do not understand it, it exceeds our intelligence, we will not do it."
Back to the roots. Crowd financing. Finally innovation-friendly and technology-open financing for the world of tomorrow. For founders aged 18...90. - But it only succeeds in compliance with certain rules; namely...
► read more: ► uno7.org/pen/ebw-crowdfun-en.htm

These projects are listed here for individual as well as for institutional investors.


» _MENU_: Capital & fund raising
(MC:) ECBB-MENU-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects
(MC:) ECK-AMENU-EN          EN      DE    FR    ES
» FIN7 financing innovation
(MC:) EBW-CROWDFUN-EN          EN      DE    FR

Projects waiting for Money.

For quite all the links of this long list
--- (Information in text pages:) ---

Truth, science, statistics:

» Economic forecasting. (Proj.)
(MC:) EBB-KCE-FUTU-EN          EN      DE
» recalculation of statistics
(MC:) EBB-KCE-RECA-EN          EN      DE
» PSEUCALC anti-pseudo-science.
(MC:) EBB-KKY-PSEUC-EN          EN      DE

Knowledge, educatiion, deep thinking:

» Project: Sphinx Classification
(MC:) EBB-KKS-SPHIN-EN          EN      DE
» PILLDOUNG - gain deep knowledge
(MC:) EBB-KWK-BILDUN-EN          EN      DE
» Archetypes: Encyclopedia Project
(MC:) EBB-KBA-ENCY-EN          EN      DE
» simulation: brain-type idea processing.
(MC:) EBB-KKA-PHAN-EN          EN      DE
» PLURANTO: everbody can program.
(MC:) EBB-CEB-PLUR-EN          EN      DE


» Fast language learning (proj.)
(MC:) EBB-JJA-LIMAX-EN          EN      DE
» Pluranto future world language
(MC:) EBB-JJA-PLURA-EN          EN      DE
» Project: language translation software
(MC:) EBB-JJA-TRANS-EN          EN  

Publishing, automatic authors, etc.:

» your e-book in HTML5: 1000 years
(MC:) EBB-PPA-EBKGEN-EN          EN      DE
» FRAN. personalized publishing
(MC:) EBB-PPA-FRANCK-EN          EN      DE
» Publishing robot system.
(MC:) EBB-PPB-AUTPUB-EN          EN      DE
» CYPONET Internet market place innovation
(MC:) EBB-PWS-CYPNET-EN          EN      DE

Environment, climate, energy, etc.:

» Projects: Energy, Environment
(MC:) EBB-TEE-ENER-EN          EN      DE
» Project: Climate, Environment
(MC:) EBB-TER-CLIMA-EN          EN      DE
» Natural Traditional Constructing (proj.)
(MC:) EBB-TRE-NATUR-EN          EN      DE

Economic policy, institutions:

» alternate economic knowledge
(MC:) VAE-AMENU-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Projects: Science and Politics
(MC:) EBB-VEY-CAPITA-EN          EN      DE
» Is pensioner poverty inevitable? (proj.)
(MC:) EBB-VEY-POVE-EN          EN      DE
» Class action in Europe (proj.).
(MC:) EBB-UBE-CLASS-EN          EN      DE

Health and longer life:

» NATROST: Project / health.
(MC:) EBB-YAA-FINA-EN          EN      DE
» Projects: health insurance
(MC:) EBB-YBV-INSUR-EN          EN      DE

Your Projects: Financial Resources.

» Lease Your Start-up!
(MC:) EBB-ECT-STARR-EN          EN      DE    FR
» FIN7 financing innovation
(MC:) EBW-CROWDFUN-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects
(MC:) ECK-AMENU-EN          EN      DE    FR    ES

» Humor: Capital raising / projects.
(MC:) ECBJW-HUMOR-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Humor: Venture Capital tycoons.
(MC:) ECBJW-VCTYCOON-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Humor: VC media manipulation
(MC:) ECBJW-MMANIP-EN          EN      DE    FR
» True Venture Capital sources
(MC:) ECBD-FINFACT-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Crowd financing, crowd funding
(MC:) ECBD-COLECT-EN          EN      DE    FR

Money for your Projects! fin7.com

» _Menu_: Get money! fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-MENU-EN          EN      DE    FR

» Promotion - how? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-PROMOT-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Fees? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-COSTS-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Prospectus - how? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-PROSPEC-EN          EN      DE    FR
» What is prohibited? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-PROHIB-EN          EN      DE    FR
» Transfer of shares, loans / how? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-TRANSF-EN          EN      DE    FR
» financ.agreements/how? fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-REGLEM-EN          EN      DE    FR

Loan? Shares? Donations? fin7.com

» find lenders - on fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-RELOAN-EN          EN      DE    FR
» find active partners / on fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-REPARTS-EN          EN      DE    FR
» find investors - on fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-REINVES-EN          EN      DE    FR
» crowdfinancing - on fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-REMIXFIN-EN          EN      DE    FR
» crowdfunding - on fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-REMIXSUB-EN          EN      DE    FR

money investment: innovation makes rich fin7.com

» for Investors: Information - for fin7.com
(MC:) ECAW-INVINF-EN          EN      DE    FR

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